Municipality Information


HeadStart on a Home works with Municipalities by reviewing applications for projects specific to their area. Through the submission of applications and by providing additional support through in-kind or monetary incentives to enhance the saleability of units to entry-level purchasers, Municipalities become part of the solution to Saskatchewan's entry-level housing issues.

A minimum of 75% of the homes must be owner-occupied and have a target price at or below the average MLS sale price in your community.

How to Apply

  1. Municipalities work with a Developer/Builder to complete the Municipality Application Form
  2. If the application meets the initial criteria, Westcap Mgt. Ltd. (Westcap) will request further information about the project directly from the Developer/Builder and clarify support provided by the Municipality. Westcap will continue to work with the Developer/Builder to further assess the eligibility and commercial viability of the project.
  3. If the project is approved, Westcap will notify the Municipality and work with the Developer/Builder to finance the project.

Approval Dates

The Program has completed its Approval and Construction process.