Lynn Laird is an Early Childhood Educator and currently works at Thomas’ House, an emergency receiving home for children who come into foster care without immediate placements. Originally from Saskatoon, Lynn relocated to Regina 27 years ago.

While raising her 14-year-old son Dawson, Lynn has struggled to find a home they can afford on a single income. Being a single parent comes with many challenges, many of them financial. 

Condo life better suits Lynn’s family and lifestyle, and she had had always dreamed of owning a condo but thought that it was out of her reach. The increase in housing prices in Regina meant that many homes are now priced out of Lynn’s range.

A friend told Lynn about HeadStart on a Home and NewRock Development’s upcoming informational session and signed Lynn up for the session. The programs, resources and information provided by HeadStart on a Home and NewRock Developments allowed Lynn the opportunity to get into her own home – and even have input on appliances and finishes.

As a single parent, Lynn enjoys the lower stress of condo living – and loves her walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom! She loves the Rosemont area and access to independent businesses within the community. Lynn says this is a life-changing event for her as well as her son.

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