After completing her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at the University of Regina, Mandy received her Psychiatric Nursing diploma at SIAST Wascana Campus in December of 2011. Mandy had grown up in a small town southeast of Moose Jaw, and was happy to find work close to home after her post-secondary education. She moved into a rental in Moose Jaw and worked at Moose Jaw Hospital and Providence Place, a long-term care facility, prior to owning her HeadStart home.

As a young person new to the workforce, Mandy assumed that home ownership was out of her reach in the near future, however, she decided to check out the market in Moose Jaw . She found that any properties in her price range would require quite a bit work – something that Mandy was neither capable nor willing to take on. Her real estate agent suggested that she look at HeadStart on a Home’s Plaxton Ridge Condominium project in Moose Jaw – and suddenly the distant dream of homeownership became possible.

Plaxton Developments Inc. presented Mandy with layouts and details about the unit, and she purchased her home even before construction was complete. She was very excited that there was no maintenance or work required, and that the unit was brand-new with warranty. Mandy also qualified for down payment assistance through the Government of Saskatchewan’s Affordable Home Ownership Program through the City of Moose Jaw, which covered her entire down payment.

Mandy moved into her new home in November 2012 and was thrilled to become a homeowner so early in her career and life.


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