Amery and Desiree Martin moved to Saskatoon with plans of starting a family.  Their ultimate goal was to purchase their first home for their young family to enjoy.  Prior to moving to Saskatoon they lived in Ontario where the cost of living made it too difficult for them to buy a home.

When they arrived in Saskatoon they were renting and sorting out a plan to purchase a home, but the costs of having a new baby made it hard to save for a down payment.  With the help of NewRock Developments and the HeadStart on a Home Program, their goal became achievable.

Through HeadStart on a Home, NewRock’s mortgage assistance program, and the City of Saskatoon’s mortgage flexibilities support program (through the Province’s AHOP - Affordable Home Ownership Program), the Martins were able to afford a 3-bedroom unit to accommodate possibly expanding their family one day.

Amery and Desiree along with their son and dog were happy to move to their up and coming neighborhood, right next to a park - a great environment for this young family!


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