Jason and Jackie Heistad

Jason and Jackie Heistad along with their 8 year old son Judah, had lived in Regina for 12 years prior to purchasing their HeadStart home. The Heistad family is very musical which is expressed through their work and recreational time. As Judah got older they realized that they needed more living space, especially with Judah developing an interest in playing the drums. With this realization came many financial challenges as crossing over to home ownership from the rental market can be difficult. 

“We would like to thank HeadStart on a Home for this amazing opportunity. Our dreams of a new home came true and now we truly have a head start on our family dreams”. 

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson, proud father of two, had been a resident of Lloydminster for 11 years prior to purchasing his HeadStart home. Tim and his wife were not only busy raising a family, but also keeping up with Tim’s health conditions. Tim had been on the waiting list for both a kidney and pancreas transplant for 5 years and was an active voice within the community for organ donation. Tim and his wife were able to alleviate some of their stress by putting an end to renting and becoming homeowners.

Rozelle Sagucio

Rozelle Saguico was a newcomer to Canada arriving from the Philippines in 2009, to call Lloydminster home. Rozelle became a permanent Canadian resident in 2013.  Since residing in Lloydminster, Rozelle was an active volunteer with the Lloydminster Tennis Association, Catholic Social Services, and the local Filipino-Canadian Community. After moving from house to house over the past 6 years, Rozelle dreamed of becoming a home owner. With the assistance of the HeadStart on a Home program, partnering government initiative programs such as the Province of Saskatchewan’s Affordable Home Ownership Program (AHOP) and the City of Lloydminster’s Community Housing Initiative Program (CHIP), Rozelle realized this dream.

Rio Ravas

Rio Ravas arrived in Canada from the Philippines and became a permanent Canadian resident in 2012. A father of three, Rio was involved in his community. He volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Philippines and was active in the local Filipino-Canadian Community. Rio was a pioneering member of the Couples for Christ Lloydminster Chapter. Through the HeadStart on a Home Program, partnering government initiative programs such as the Province of Saskatchewan’s Affordable Home Ownership Program (AHOP) and the City of Lloydminster’s Community Housing Initiative Program (CHIP), and mortgage assistance provided by Synergy Credit Union, Rio and his family finally able to call a house their home.

Victoria Manns

Victoria Manns was in her early 20’s managing a retail store in Saskatoon when she became a HeadStart home owner. Victoria recognized that owning her own place would cost her as much as paying rent and it made financial sense to look into home ownership. However, saving up enough money for a down payment on a regular priced home was extremely daunting and diminished her dreams of owning her own place. It wasn’t until Victoria looked into the HeadStart on a Home program that she realized it might be a possibility after all.

“Trying to break into the housing market at my age can be extremely difficult. With the high cost of rent, it is extremely challenging to set some money aside to save for your own place. Thanks to the HeadStart on a Home program, I was able to bypass that barrier into home ownership.” – Victoria Manns

Linda Dahl

Linda Dahl, a single of mom for over 20 years, was in her 50s when she became a HeadStart owner. Trying to raise children on one income is no easy task, let alone trying to put money aside for savings. Linda had dreams of being a homeowner again but felt it was just not an option for her considering her financial situation. Linda’s dreams finally became a reality through the HeadStart on a Home Program when she became the proud homeowner of a two bedroom, two bathroom suite in Serenity Pointe.

“Being a single mom, I thought I would never have the option to own my own home again. The mortgage financing offered through the HeadStart Equity Builder ProgramTM coupled with affordable pricing has made that dream a reality thanks to HeadStart on a Home” – Linda Dahl

The Ruslan Family

The Ruslan family immigrated to Saskatoon from Kazakhstan with their two lovely little girls three years prior to becoming HeadStart home owners. The transition provided many challenges for the family, including financial stress, as they worked hard to build a good life for their family in Canada. Homeownership may not have been an option without the HeadStart on a Home Program.

“Immigrating to a new country with two little children was challenging enough for us at the best of times. With the high cost of living, homeownership seemed like an unattainable goal. We are now proud to say we are homeowners through the HeadStart on a Home program and cannot wait to move into a place we can truly call our own” – The Ruslan Family

Lynn Laird

Lynn Laird was an Early Childhood Educator and working at Thomas’ House, an emergency receiving home for children who come into foster care without immediate placements when she became a HeadStart home owner. Originally from Saskatoon, Lynn relocated to Regina 27 years prior.

While raising her son Dawson, Lynn struggled to find a home they could afford on a single income. Being a single parent comes with many challenges, many of them financial.

Condo life better suited Lynn’s family and lifestyle, and she had always dreamed of owning a condo but thought that it was out of her reach. The increase in housing prices in Regina at the time meant that many homes are now priced out of Lynn’s range.

A friend told Lynn about HeadStart on a Home and signed her up for an information session by NewRock Development’s. The programs, resources and information provided by HeadStart on a Home and NewRock Developments allowed Lynn the opportunity to get into her own home – and even have input on appliances and finishes.

As a single parent, Lynn enjoyed the lower stress of condo living – and loved her walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom, and the Rosemont area and access to independent businesses within the community. Lynn said this is a life-changing event for her as well as her son.

Vern Olson

Vern Olson moved back to Swift Current to be closer to family after spending some time in Alberta. In 1997, Vern lost his wife, and with his adult children living across the Prairie Provinces and in Tokyo, he found himself doing a lot of travelling. For five years, he lived in a mobile home in Swift Current, but with being away from home so frequently, he found the insurance to be a challenge. He rented for a couple of years to accommodate his lifestyle, but preferred to own his home. He heard about HeadStart on a Home’s Chinook Residency project through friends and knew that this entry-level condo option would be a great fit for him at this point in his life. He received his mortgage through HeadStart Community Champion Innovation Credit Union.

Vern moved in to his new home at the end of December 2012 and enjoyed that his new home was brand-new – Vern was happy to be a homeowner again!

The Martin Family

Amery and Desiree Martin moved to Saskatoon with plans of starting a family. Their ultimate goal was to purchase their first home for their young family to enjoy. Prior to moving to Saskatoon they lived in Ontario where the cost of living made it too difficult for them to buy a home.

When they arrived in Saskatoon they were renting and sorting out a plan to purchase a home, but the costs of having a new baby made it hard to save for a down payment. With the help of NewRock Developments and the HeadStart on a Home Program, their goal became achievable.

Through HeadStart on a Home, NewRock’s mortgage assistance program, and the City of Saskatoon’s mortgage flexibilities support program (through the Province’s AHOP – Affordable Home Ownership Program), the Martins were able to afford a 3-bedroom unit to accommodate possibly expanding their family one day.

Amery and Desiree along with their son and dog were happy to move to their up and coming neighborhood, right next to a park – a great environment for this young family!


After completing her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at the University of Regina, Mandy received her Psychiatric Nursing diploma at SIAST Wascana Campus in December of 2011. Mandy had grown up in a small town southeast of Moose Jaw, and was happy to find work close to home after her post-secondary education. She moved into a rental in Moose Jaw and worked at Moose Jaw Hospital and Providence Place, a long-term care facility, prior to owning her HeadStart home.

As a young person new to the workforce, Mandy assumed that home ownership was out of her reach in the near future, however, she decided to check out the market in Moose Jaw . She found that any properties in her price range would require quite a bit work – something that Mandy was neither capable nor willing to take on. Her real estate agent suggested that she look at HeadStart on a Home’s Plaxton Ridge Condominium project in Moose Jaw – and suddenly the distant dream of homeownership became possible.

Plaxton Developments Inc. presented Mandy with layouts and details about the unit, and she purchased her home even before construction was complete. She was very excited that there was no maintenance or work required, and that the unit was brand-new with warranty. Mandy also qualified for down payment assistance through the Government of Saskatchewan’s Affordable Home Ownership Program through the City of Moose Jaw, which covered her entire down payment.

Mandy moved into her new home in November 2012 and was thrilled to become a homeowner so early in her career and life.

The Bent Family

Lesa and Ryan Bent immigrated to Ontario from Jamaica in 2008. After moving to Yorkton in December 2009, the Bents moved many times between rental units. Renting was not ideal for their active and growing family; however, during this transitional period, Lesa and Ryan never thought they would be able to own their own home. Working three jobs between the two of them was barely enough to pay rent and bills and feed their family, they sought solutions as to how they may become homeowners. The options they found were not attainable.

Lesa and Ryan were members of Cornerstone Credit Union to seek advice. The Bents learned about the HeadStart on a Home Program and the HeadStart Equity Builder ProgramTM. These sounded like a possible solution for their active family to find a home in their price range and to access down payment financing.

Lesa and Ryan found the Good Spirit bungalow duplexes were being constructed by Deneschuk Homes close to their children’s school. When they realized the units also featured the option of a basement suite, they knew it was a perfect fit. The basement would allow them to accommodate Lesa’s sister Tracy who also immigrated to Canada from Jamaica and was renting in Yorkton and expecting her first child.

For Lesa and Ryan, to be able to move into home ownership and accommodate their growing family is ideal – they were elated about moving into their new home! Their children Daniel, Dondre, and Denae were also very excited to enjoy more space to play indoors during the long winter season. Lesa and Ryan had achieved their financial goal of homeownership, they could begin saving toward their retirement and continue to save toward post-secondary education for their family.

The Bents received their mortgage financing from HeadStart Community Champion Cornerstone Credit Union. To make the move into homeownership even easier, they qualified for the City of Yorkton’s down payment assistance program, as well as the HeadStart Equity Builder ProgramTM. The Bents couldn’t wait to move into their HeadStart Home just in time for Christmas! – a dream come true for their family.

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